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Spring Season in North Georgia Wine Country

Happy almost Spring North Georgia Wine Country Friends,

Spring is the time that many think of as the start of the year, rather than January 1st, with the world awash in the reappearance of all things green.

In just a few weeks (groundhog willing...), the seasons will shift and we will have moved into a much anticipated Spring!

With warming temperatures, the first Red-Winged Blackbirds, Yellow Finches and bluest of Blue Birds will appear, soon to be followed by the return of our beloved Cardinals.

Forsythia and Hydrangea bushes will have started growing again.

We are just about a month or so away from budbreak in our beautiful vineyards and the beginning of our 2023 growing season; it’s an especially fitting time to meditate on the theme of renewal and reinvention.We are all celebrating the Spring equinox and the ever increasing daylight that accompanies it.

Select vineyards will be releasing anticipated, different, distinct and delicious wines that celebrate and reflect all the wonders of the North Georgia Wine region. Vineyard owners have all been busy these last few months in the vineyard pruning the vines and in their cellars bottling wines from the 2022, 2021 and 2020 vintages, depending on their style.

We at Cana Wine Tours and all our winery colleagues look forward to seeing folks back tasting wines at all the local vineyards, sharing our stories and celebrating all that the burgeoning North Georgia Vineyards have to offer.

To the upcoming new season!

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