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Summer Season in North Georgia Wine Country

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Summer in North Georgia and in the vineyard sets the stage for harvest. The vines go through the critical stages of fruit set, veraison, and ripening. After they are pruned and prepared, the vineyards through the winter and spring, grapes must be shepherded to the finish line. Leaves are pulled and fruit is dropped, vineyard owners monitor for diseases and pests, and protect against weather hazards.

For me, summer is the time when I can see the finish line. Vine growth is slowing down, and I await veraison for the final thinning pass. It is nice to take a breath and focus just on the vine’s balance. Mostly, the vines have achieved their maximum shoot length, and it’s the vineyards job to maintain those shoots and leaves.

As you plan your North Georgia destination vacation, start with us, Cana Wine Tours. The vineyards are gorgeous, the days are long, and it’s the perfect time to welcome friends to North Georgia Wine country.

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